The Plight of the Monarch Butterfly-and What We Are Doing About It!

With Monarch butterflies’ nectar and milkweed sources in a drastic state of decline, the Milford Garden Club is dedicating its members’ time and energy to help improve the butterflies’ natural habitat here in our area. It is our intent to create awareness in our community of the potential loss of this precious species, and begin the rebuilding of habitats in our community’s backyards and public areas so they once again they may thrive and flourish.

It is our hope that through education of our community that we can make progress in sustaining the butterfly population through the establishment and increase of milkweed plants that butterflies so desperately depend on for nectar resources.

Read our stories to see what our individual members and committees are doing to help.


Monarchs in Decline

Every November, millions of monarch butterflies arrive at the Oyamel fir forests in central Mexico, where they migrate to survive through the winter, but in just the last few years, the numbers of butterflies making it to Mexico has dropped sharply.

Deforestation in Mexico has eliminated a number of former colony sites and others have been badly degraded so as to reduce the shelter and water available to wintering butterflies. In the United States, 6000 acres are converted to development each day, eliminating milkweeds needed by monarch larvae and nectar sources required by adult monarchs. In addition, chemically intensive agriculture and roadside management by excessive mowing and use of herbicides have also eliminated monarchs and their milkweed hosts. An finally, the erratic climate swings have wrecked havoc with the butterflies habitat.

Join us at the YMCA Earth Day on Sunday, April 27th and again on Saturday, May 10 from 9-11 at the Milford Garden Club Plant and Bake Sale. We'd love to talk with you about what you can do about increasing the habitat for the Monarch and will be handing out free packets of milkweed and other? seeds.

Monarch Butterfly Awareness Handouts-Information for Planting (Printer-Friendly)

Where Are the Monarch Butterflies?

Recipe for a Monarch Butterfly Garden

Munchies for Monarchs

Milkweed Caution-Rules for ALL Milkweeds

Planting Orange Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias Tuberosa)

Planting Rose or Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias Incarnata)

Stratification Instructions for Milkweed Seeds


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Updated May 6, 2014